Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take a Ride on the Ray Train

On the weekend when I take Ray for a walk, we first go past Sasha's house, then Halle's house. Usually, I get partway past Sasha's house when I hear Todd call out for us to stop. Sometimes, if Ray wants to see his girlfriend, he will pull me in that direction. Either way, if we are walking up the street or standing at Todd's door, Sasha wroo wroos until she gets Todd's attention ( and he will bring her out to walk with us. Last weekend, Todd and I were around the block and starting up the key hole when we were caught up by Halle and her grandma (as seen in the youtube video ( and in the blog archive "I was sitting at the table," said Deborah, "when Halle got up to look out the window. Then she came over to me and barked in my face. She never barks. I looked at her and said "What was that all about?" Then she picked up her pig and did a little dance. Then Steven [Deborah's husband] came in and said "I just got a Ray greeting," and I knew that Halle wanted to take a walk with Ray so we came out." (We had met Steven while he was getting out of his car, before he went into the house).
The three of us finished up walking around the cul-de-sac. Then Todd and Deborah and Sasha and Halle continued on while Ray and I peeled off to go home. I thought of how my Ray of sunshine brings people together wherever he goes (or collects girls for his harem, however you want to look at it.)

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