Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Supermodel Visits

Some people think that Murphy and Ray are boyfriend/girlfriend, but truthfully, I think they are really just good friends. I think this because of the way Ray acts around supermodel Halle.
This evening Halle stopped by with her Grandma, Deborah. We were sitting on the front porch relaxing. Hugo was sleeping in a chair at one end of the porch and Ray was sacked out on his bed at the other. (I have a couple of baby gates that I stretch across the opening to the porch so that Ray can't escape.) When Halle and Deborah stopped by, I opened the gates so that Ray could greet his girlfriend. As usual he was excited to see her. Halle came up on the porch while Deborah chatted with Gregg and I. She (Halle, not Deborah) peered in the windows next to the door, her ears straight up on her head as if she expected to be invited in. When she realized that wasn't going to happen, she settled down on Ray's bed, looking ever so slightly bored but totally at ease and ready to stay the night. I had this image of a supermodel at a fashionista party, holding court, long legs crossed, and a cigarette, never actually touching her lips, just dangling from fingers and burning itself out.
Ray, laid down on the concrete next to the bed. He was perpendicular to Halle so that he could "stare" at her. He looked totally uncomfortable, all bony angles, but very pleased, and obviously smitten.
I think if it had been Murphy on the porch, Ray would have just nudged her over and curled up next to her, but because it was the supermodel, Ray willingly let her use his bed while he worshiped her (uncomfortably) from afar.

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