Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guess What?

Yep.  Monkey Butt. Again. This weekend Ray started in on his right butt cheek. Almost one year after his first outbreak of monkey butt, he has another. So yesterday I took him to see his favorite vet, Dr. Copp (all Ray's vets are his favorites). She gave him a shave and gave me the requisite spray and ointment.
"Sorry, Ray, but we're going to have to shave it."
"Ray, I like your after-shave."
Last evening when I was spritzing his hot zone and applying the unguent, Moonie and Hugo came to watch. Ray was splayed out on the rug, Moonie was six inches away from his butt, concernedly watching the procedure. (Ray does the same thing when Moonie gets her treatment, although Ray is not allowed in the room, he jams his head through the gap in the door or lays on the floor outside and waits to make sure his favorite cat is alright. The first few times he whined sympathetically through the whole process. Now he just waits patiently until it's all over).

Hugo sat nearby, sniggering at the dog's suffering.

Exhausted after his ordeal.


  1. Ray Hiakus..

    Beautiful sightless dog
    Does not see
    He sports a bare shav-ed butt.


    Dog did not leave the bees
    Now kharma has stung
    His little hind end.


    No cone does he wear
    For his pride would it crush
    Hugo laughs with glee.


    Moonie Pie understands
    She of the kind heart
    Wants her dog to heal.


    Beautiful sightless dog
    Well loved by many
    Healing wishes sent his way.

  2. Poor Ray, having to endure both the heartbreak of monkey butt AND his brother, Hugo's, sniggering. The indignity of it all!!!

  3. Ahhhh, allergy season. Ray is lucky he doesn't need to wear the cone of shame - Hugo would laugh and call him "conehead"

    Gorgeous poetry, Anne!