Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something to Look at

Two weekends ago, when we were at Leesylvania State Park, a man took a photo of Ray yelling at the beach. If you look closely at the video from that day, you can see the man in the background on the pier with his camera equipment.
As we walked away from the beach, the man approached us and gave us his business card. He told us  that on the card was a web address and that if we checked the website later, we would see Ray's photo.
The next day I checked the website, and as promised, Ray's photo appeared in a file of pets labeled "Friendly." The photo representing the "Friendly" file was of a Husky staring straight into the camera looking very wolf-like.
I left a comment for the photographer thanking him for taking Ray's photo and telling him that he could see himself on the pier in Ray's video from that day (well, a mighty small video of himself) if he searched youtube for Ray the Blind Dog goes to the beach.
The next time I checked his website (he has lots of really nice photos, I've been looking through all of his files), the Husky had been replaced by Ray the Amazing. His photo is currently (I don't know for how long) the representative photo for the "Friendly" file. If you click on any of the photos displayed on the linked page, a file opens up with dozens of photos of each subject. Ray's photo appears twice in the "Friendly" file which is photos of dogs and cats. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them into crystal clear shots of the subject.
It's fun.


  1. My comment on the 1st photo (that's NiK's commented on too) didn't work :0z

    I wrote "Very evocative photo. Keep up with Ray's hilarious & poignant exploits @"

  2. Thanks for trying to post a supportive comment for Ray's blog.
    Modern technology. Just can't count on it...