Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today, I am a cat.

Gregg and I had just finished giving Moonie her fluids. Gregg left the cat room and I stayed behind to brush Moonie. She loves to be brushed, and this is her after-needle-sticking treat. (I want her to associate being needle-stuck with something good.)
Ray put his head through the crack in the door to the cat room (I can't remember the last time I posted a picture of how we have that rigged so here is the link to that posting). I walked over and unhooked the hook so that he could come in. Ray ambled on over to say hi to his favorite cat. He gave her a lick or two, then tried to get up on the bed without the superman leap. I watched him struggle to get a good grip with one back paw on the sheet covering the bed, then heave himself up. He gave Moonie another lick, turned a few circles and settled down on one of the little summer-quarters beds (winter-quarters are the tents).
I could see his thought process.
These cats have it good. They have good food. They have a toilet right in the room. They have fun toys to play with. They have beds all over the place. The mean one isn't here at the moment.  I think I'll move in.
Man, this is cushy

You guys have it so good in here.

This is where the mean one sleeps, isn't it.

Not anymore! Heh heh heh (laughs evilly)


  1. has he mastered a purring sound yet....guess he is working on that....hahaha...we have the opposite here, Wilf likes to take occupation of Conors giant faux leather bed and won't budge when Conor tries to reclaim it !

    1. hahahahahaha. I guess they aren't at the sleeping together stage yet?

  2. I haven't caught them together yet....but who knows when we are not here !

  3. Ray, havn't you learned not to stick your nose in other critters homes/beds?? Remember what happened with the buzzy bees??? Keep an eye open if you keep messing around with Hugos' bed........ (nice to see sweet little Moonie Pie)