Monday, June 4, 2012

Top Ten Reasons why I Love my Dog

  1. He knows how to relax.
  2. He makes kids smile.
  3. He protects hearth and home even though he can't see what from.
  4. He is friends with man and beast (except for the Phantom Pee-er).
  5. He has a good sense of humor (keep-away is a very funny game).
  6. He knows how to share with other dogs.
  7. He takes food from my hand so gently that most of time he doesn't even touch my fingers.
  8. He's cute as can be especially when the eyebrows start doin' the dance.
  9. He is a connoisseur of fine wool and good coffee (even though he's not allowed to have either.)
  10. He has learned to love a cat even though it's not in his nature.
Relaxing with the master relaxer.
(If any of Ray's fans would like to post their own list of why they love their dogs, the comments section  awaits!)


  1. Why I love Zoe: -she is my dog. -she tolerates the cats and tortoise. -she shares the bed pillows (sometimes). -she barks from the back of the sofa to alert us to ANY moving thing out the window. -she is Zoe, the wonderdog. -I love her. -she loves me. -she has a cute little sideways lope (had one femeral head taken out). -she is friendly with everyone, unless it is another dog trying to sniff her butt, then she gives a little snarl!. -she was 20 min away from euthanasia 14 years ago because her legs were broken, I took her anyway (best decision I've made in less than 1 nanosecond ever). She is the cutest funny little dog ever. She loves me and my daughter as much as we love her.

    1. Love it! I was thinking today that the best decision I've ever made (besides marrying my lovely husband) was adopting a blind dog on a whim.
      Thanks for the post!

  2. I love my dogs because they are my family. I can't have children and they've filled that void for us. They never get in trouble at school and wouldn't dream of asking to borrow the car - who could ask for more?

    I love Molly (the Grand Dame) because she is sweet and kind to everyone she meets.

    I love Savannah (my foster failure) because she is very affectionate...often annoyingly so.

    I love Daisy (the Coonhound) because she's a snuggler, much like Ray, but only in the winter. In the summer she's a hole-digging, shadow-chasing barking machine who has no time for Mom.

    I love Annie (our 10th anniversary beagle) for her bright spirit and unbridled enthusiasm for all things edible.

    I love Liam (our blind boy) for his big heart and his affection....and for teaching me patience.

    I love Elvis (the beagle baby) for his joie de vivre and his sense of humor. He's so silly I can't help but laugh at his antics...even as I try to divert him from his mission to destroy my house.

    This was fun! Thanks for asking us to share, Jean :)