Monday, March 18, 2013

Poof, There he is

There are two things that I cannot do without getting the attention of the blind hound. One is pick my shoes out of the pile o' shoes next to the front door (I know I've mentioned that one before) and the other is pick his food dish off of the kitchen floor and put it in the sink to wash. No matter where he is in the house, no matter how soundly he is sleeping, no matter how quietly I perform these tasks; Ray will hear and appear.


  1. Ray is spooky! How in the world does he know?

  2. Ha ha ha!! I know exactly what that is like...times three! Does Ray give you that look that seems to say, "why are you trying to be so quiet?"

    1. No. It's more of a 'I know what you're up to, and you're not going to get away with it' look. : )

  3. Conor too has the exact same ability, supertuned hearing, he even hears Twiggie sneakily getting a tiny bit of toast in the kitchen.....from the next room, and appears for his piece !