Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back to the Eye Doctor

Today was Ray's two week checkup after his eye pressure was abnormally high. I have to admit, I was worried. In the two weeks that we'd been "dropping the dog" three times a day, his eye never looked significantly different. It was still a bit weepy and bloodshot looking.
This time, we got right in to see the doctor with no waiting.
She aimed the 'gun' in Ray's eye.
"It's 17," she said.
As usual, I said, "That's good, right?"
"Yes," she replied.
"I gotta say, I was really worried," I said, relieved. "His eye was kinda goopy the whole time."
"That's because he has a blocked tear duct," said the doctor. "We'll take care of that."
She called in an assistant and said, "We need to unblock his tear duct."
I told Ray to sit. The assistant came up behind him to hold him, but Ray sat calmly while the doctor picked up a really long needle. I turned away. He never moved while she performed the one second procedure.
"Look," she said holding up Ray's muzzle, "See the green liquid coming out of his nose? That means his duct is clear now. I put it in his eye, there."
She pointed to the corner of Ray's eye.
Ray sneezed a couple of times to get the dark green stuff out.
"Go back to giving him the drops twice a day, and come back in two weeks to get his pressure checked again," instructed the doctor, "We'll see if that works."
I thanked her, we paid the bill, and headed home to celebrate.


  1. I have to applaud you for not either a) barfing or b) passing out. I got a little dizzy just reading about the long needle and the fact that the vet poked it in his eye. Ray is so great that he didn't even flinch and now his tear duct is unblocked! Hehehe - I never think of green stuff coming out of a dog's nose. That is slightly cool. (Only because he's ok now.)

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence but the minute that needle came out, I turned away. I don't know if Ray got poked with it or if the doctor just used it to squirt the green stuff in his eye. And I will never know. I can't look at needles.

  2. That's great news! I'm so glad Ray doesn't have to have the dreaded procedure.

    1. Yes! Dodged another bullet for now! We're keeping our fingers crossed for the next two weeks.

  3. Pawesome..... give him a belly rub for us

  4. That's good news!

    I'm the type that loves to watch what's going on. When Brook goes to the university for her eye checks, it's so fascinating.

    Glad that Ray is doing well, let's hope it stays that way.

    1. I don't mind watching as long as no needles are involved. Can't watch myself get stuck either.