Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weather Report

The day before yesterday, the weather was like this:
Weather: sunny and warmish
Yesterday, the weather was like this:
Weather: snowy and slushy

 The problem with having an OCD dog is, no matter what the weather, the schedule must be maintained or the owner will be subjected to pitiful whining. Which tends to be a good thing for an owner that needs her exercise.
So yesterday morning Gregg and I strapped Ray into his foul-weather coat and took him for a walk around the block.
It's in Ray's contract that he gets two walks/day, so we did this twice.
The upside to walking in the horrible weather, we got to see things one normally doesn't, like crocus wearing snow caps.

Would you mind pointing that camera somewhere else?
I need to use the facilities.
Crocus in caps.
And in Ray's view, the downside to the foul weather, it turned out to be a good day to try silly hats on my dog. 
Dog in hat.


  1. Hehehe - poor Ray. Humiliating hats and paparazzi during his private poo poo time. ;)

  2. I like the hat on Ray. If the flowers can wear a cap, why not a blind dog?!

    1. I like the hat on Ray too. If only I could figure out how to keep it on him, he'd be wearing it out for our walks.