Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter from the Lot of Us

It was Saturday and we were waiting for Murphy.
Waiting for Godogue
The day before, I had put an emergency call into Rachel, Murphy's mom.
"Hey, can you come over this weekend?" I asked, "Ray is seriously bored. All of his friends' moms are out of town and Ray has no one to walk or play with. He's getting kinda depressed."
"That would work out perfectly," said Rachel, "We're going to Marva's this weekend, I just need to find out which day and let you know."
So, it was Saturday. As soon as I said, "Ray, who's coming?" he ran to the door to wait. He didn't know who he was waiting for, but he knew someone fun was coming.
Rachel and Josh dropped Murphy with us then went to take Marvelous Marva to lunch.
Ray and Murphy played a bit, then we went for a walk around the lake, then they dismembered the Easter Bunny. A good time was had by all.
And the best part? Murphy is coming back today with Josh, Rachel, and Marva for Easter dinner.

Hey Ray, he's behind you.

What do you mean we killed the Easter Bunny?

Well, who knew? Easter Bunny parts taste good.
Uh. Happy Easter.


  1. Mmmm mm - nothing better for Easter dinner than stuffed rabbit : ). Happy Easter!

    1. hahahahaha. Wish I'd thought of that one!
      Happy Easter, Amber!

  2. I'm thinking that a little operation and the bunny will be good for a few more games of tug! At our house, we've given up on re-stuffing and now they play with the bodies with no stuffing. Less mess!

    1. I have some of the stuff-less toys too but they get no attention. It's just so much fun to dissect stuff. This rabbit made a particularly interesting noise. Kind of a cross between a goose and a pig. The noise-maker is the 'Easter Bunny part' that Ray is chewing on in the second-to-last photo.

  3. Is it me, or is Ray getting chubby?