Friday, June 21, 2013

Moonie's Happy Face

This is a photo of pure contentment. Moonie at her happiest. I know, she looks demented and slightly outraged, but Moonie is actually displaying that which we refer to as "big Black Rhino lip." When Moonie is lippin' she's purrin'. It just doesn't get any better for Moonie.
It used to be, when I put Moonie on the chair with Ray she would immediately jump down and scurry away (followed at high speed by the dog). Over time, this changed to jump down and walk away quickly, then to jump down and saunter away, then to jump down and stand there and think about it for awhile. Now she stays and purrs, gets nuzzled, and gets her ears cleaned.
It's been a long haul, but we're there.
Happy Big Black Rhino Lip Day.

I like this one better than the one with the air leaking out of him.
 Even if she does look like a Black Rhino.

Moonie's doppelganger.


  1. The resemblance is UNCANNY (except for the horns, off course)!

  2. New yoga pose: downward pointing whiskers.

  3. This cracks me up! Cats are supposed to be all slick and stylish and here Moonie is looking like a rhino!