Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sofa Wars

After two days of being denied his spot on the couch because it was occupied by The Thing that Hisses and Whacks, Ray took proactive measures. Instead of waiting for everyone to be seated at the coffee table for dinner before wandering over himself, Ray staked out 'his spot' a good half an hour before everyone else arrived. By the time dinner was served, Ray was comfortably ensconced.
Hugo, who, after the first night's confrontation, had become instantly convinced that the spot was once again his, came to jump up on the couch in HIS spot and found it already occupied by his arch-nemesis. The big, black cat turned on his heel in a huff, walked a few feet away, and plopped on his side in outraged silence. There he lay, glaring holes through the oblivious dog's head.


  1. Ahahahaha!! That's so hilarious! Score one for Ray!

  2. The clever blind dog triumphs again!

  3. It is amazingly clever tho' and inspires conscious thought :0]

    I'll get the bed made up in the spare room for when Ray pitches up of his own accord in Blighty ;0]