Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Return to Freedom

After almost two whole days of being stuck in the house because of the downed tree, Ray was more than ready to get back outside to his digs.
The tree crew arrived late in the afternoon and made quick work of the enormous mess. After they left, Ray was allowed out to investigate and, sensing freedom, made a break for the yard from whence the tree had come. Under protest, he was quickly returned to the safety of the house. Gregg and I spent an hour and a half taking apart the broken section of fence and erecting a temporary fix. Ray was let loose again.
In celebration of his return to freedom, the hound demonstrated his magnificent singing voice, dug up a section of pachysandra, unearthed his bone, and then re-buried it. Later in the evening, he vocally harassed a mousie that he detected gamboling on the opposite side of the fence.
All was once again right with his world.


  1. Roxy and I heard the chainsaws yesterday and I thought they were up at the end of your street. Roxy hates the noise chainsaws make almost as much as thunder. I'm glad your house wasn't hit and Ray has his yard back!! :)

  2. You really don't need to watch TV as long as Ray is around! He's so entertaining!!!