Thursday, February 27, 2014


I was sitting in Gregg's chair with a purring, kneading Harvey on my lap. Ray was stretched out in a sunbeam on the couch across from us, whining.
Ray knows Harvey by his purr and when Harvey purrs, Ray whines, groans, and makes noises like a humpback whale. I'm not sure why. He just does.
All of a sudden, Ray jumped off of the couch and came toward us. Harvey stopped purring but didn't dash for cover or jump up onto the back of the chair behind me, he just remained quietly on my lap, watching the dog warily.
Ray nosed around, found the cat, gave his ear a quick two licks then turned around and went back to his sunbeam.
Harvey resumed purring. I resumed petting. There was a big question mark floating in the air above us.


  1. LOL!! It kind of sounds like Ray is trying to purr as well and is a little frustrated that he doesn't sound like Harvey. Maybe he went over to Harvey for some reassurance that Harvey still likes him even though he cannot purr properly?

    1. I think that is a pretty good explanation for the noises that Ray makes and the event that followed. Harvey looked a bit taken aback for a moment but he's seen his sister get licked and come out alive so I think he wasn't too surprised.