Saturday, February 15, 2014

VIDEO ALERT: Ray the Blind Dog and the Crunchy Snow

We had snow this week; a bit over a foot of snow that was immediately followed by sleet/rain which formed a crunchy layer of ice.
The morning after the rain was a bit tricky for the blind hound, but bones don't bury themselves. Ray headed out to do the necessary.
I filmed from the warmth of the house.


  1. It is interesting to watch Ray feel his way along. One tends to forget he is blind b/c he does so well getting around.
    Do you go thru zillions of bones at you house??
    What will anthropologist think you your back yard hundreds of years from now when they start finding all Rays bones!!

    1. Usually Ray is MUCH more confident in the backyard. But this crunchy snow really had him befuddled.
      I buy bags of rawhide bones at COSTCO. (20 pack) so they last us awhile.
      Between the small animal bones that we have buried back there (from our psycho killer cat) and Ray's bones, anthropologists will have a real mystery on their hands.

  2. Just love how he felt his way around, and the burying was great, a real professional whatever the weather.

  3. He was walking so gingerly there I actually expected he was getting ready to make a steaming deposit out there! I guess the snow froze over a bit, eh? He gets around so well and at least knows when it's in his best interest to take his time!

    LOVE that you taped him from the warmth of the house! Funny!