Sunday, February 9, 2014

What the….?

Ray was relaxing on his chair. Gregg was in his spot, I was in mine, and Juno was lounging on the wooden chair sitting atop the coffee table. Harvey was prowling. He stealthily crept up to Ray's chair. Tentatively, the cat stretched his neck way up and sniffed at Ray's snout. Oblivious, Ray did not move.
With one lightning strike, Harvey bapped the lounging dog on the nose and then darted from the room.
Surprised, Ray drew his head back but otherwise did nothing. Harvey hadn't used claws.
"HEY," said Gregg, "That was MEAN. That was just MEAN."
I laughed.
"It really was," I agreed, "But I don't think Harvey liked the way Ray was 'staring' at him."
"That was just so mean," said Gregg again and again.
We watched as Harvey snuck back into the room and up to Ray and, just because he could, Harvey bapped Ray one more time.
"HEY," said Gregg in absolute outrage.
I laughed.
Ray looked intrigued.


  1. Little Harvey is coming out of his shell?? Good boy, but, Hey....What'd the big dog ever do to you?? He just wants a good snootful of your little Harvey smell.

    1. Harvey is fascinated with Ray. But doesn't trust him. It's fun to watch!

  2. Interesting how Gregg has become so protective of Ray :)

  3. I think Harvey is still trying to figure Ray out, he's your little thinker. (and stinker ; ) )