Tuesday, February 25, 2014


While Ray recuperates, here's a bit about the cats.


Breed (conjecture): Siamese and something with short black hair and long white hair.
Body type: Long, lean, muscular, and athletic.
Fur: Short, smooth, sleek, black and white with some long white hairs that poke out of the short black coat.
Characteristics:  Very busy; roams the house looking for things to do. Likes to play in water, especially the toilet. Counter-surfs for things to eat or to knock off of it. Sleeps on his back with a smile on his face. Fastidious. Likes to use the sandbox while it is being cleaned or immediately thereafter. Covers his poop and his sister's when she forgets. Plays catch as long as it's a challenge (i.e. - no easy throws right to him). Loves the laser pointer and knows the sound of the chain it is on; will come running when he hears it. Loves to be on the bed for bedspread removal so that he can be rolled up in it. Sleeps with Gregg. Likes lap contact once or twice a day and enjoys being picked up and carried around. Attacks his sister without warning. Likes wool.
Ok, you've got 15 minutes and then
 I've got things to do
Favorite pastime: Laser pointer chasing; watching birds at the feeder. Playing with the dangly cord on the cellular shade
Relationship with Ray: Finds him fascinating but slightly scary. Likes to play with the moving tail and enjoys the game of chase Ray around the table with his bone. Hisses and bats at Ray when he invades cat space.
No. It was like that when I found it. Really.
Space invader alert!


Breed (conjecture): Part dumpling, part dolphin.
Body type: Small, soft, round and highly un-athletic.
Fur: Fuzzy like a kitten, medium length. Soft as a baby alpaca 
This makes a much better bed than a toy basket.
Characteristics: Can be found in the kitchen lounging on the heated tile floor. Will eat anything dropped; prefers human food although cat food and dog food will do in a pinch. Makes no discernible cat noises; all noises sound dolphiny. Always smells slightly poopy unless Harvey can get to her and clean her up. Doesn't like to be cleaned by Harvey. Likes to steal things out of the studio and carry them downstairs to play with. Likes to be on the bed for bedspread removal so that she can be rolled up in it or attack Harvey when he is rolled up in it. Sleeps on top of the wicker hamper in the bedroom until she knows I'm awake, then goes into spasms of delight while trying to wipe cat snot on my face. Lap cat extraordinaire; likes to be as close to the face as possible, preferably up one nostril or gazing adoringly up one nostril. Wants to be picked up and carried around on HER TERMS ONLY. Likes wool.
No, it was like this when I found it. Really.
Did anyone ever tell you that you have lovely nostrils?
Favorite pastime: Shredding paper esp. kleenex in boxes and toilet paper; newspapers are also fun.
Relationship with Ray: Likes him. Tries to rub her face on his to mark him as hers (but he moves too much). Knows he's not quite right and cuts him some slack when he steps on her. 
Hey, look what I found in the studio!


  1. I love that Harvey seems to be the neat freak! What's up with Juno being a dirty little girl? Isn't it funny that the smelly kitty is the one that wants to get up close and personal with your nostrils?

    Thanks for sharing more about them!

    Hope Ray is mending well. Poor fella. You know what would make him feel better? A brand new dwarf hamster brother or sister! ;)

    1. Life is like that isn't it? The smelly cat adores face time, the fastidious one is perfectly content without.
      I'm sure a dwarf hamster would make Ray feel good. The hamster, however, probably wouldn't enjoy being yelled at all day.

  2. I love the fact that you appreciate each one as the little individuals that they are. You surely have noticed the differences and have described them well....A dumpling!! Love it!

    1. It doesn't seem to come across in photos, but Juno has looked pregnant since the day we got her. She is just dumpling-shaped. And kinda doughy like one too. : )

  3. Side note, love the chair!!

    1. Thank you. It's still on the coffee table. The cats love to play on it so much that we don't want to move it.