Monday, February 17, 2014


Juno was in the family room, chirping. She's a talker, our girl cat, but she doesn't meow, she chirps; just  a little noise that lets us know where she is at any given moment.

I wasn't really paying attention. I was engrossed in a project in the next room. But on some level I knew she was chirping and knew that Ray had ambled by and was headed in her general direction. But I didn't put two and two together. The chirping continued.

Then something clicked in my brain and I went to investigate.

Juno was stretched out on the sweater blanket, a recently completed throw made out of old, felted wool sweaters which turned out to be the new favorite of everyone in the house (well, the animals and myself). Ray, being the dog that he is, wanted the spot and did what he always does; he climbed up to claim it. Juno, being the cat that she is, declined to give  the spot over to the blind hound and chirped at him to let him know it was hers. Ray, respecting the chirp decided that sharing was a good idea; he curled up next to the small cat and used her as a pillow for his large doggy head. Juno took the immense weight as long as she could (about a minute), kicked at the head to get it off of her, and shortly thereafter, decamped.
Hm, these cat pillows are pretty comfy.
Get OFF of me dog!
Cat pillows are more comfy when they don't kick. 


  1. I love the fact that Juno and Ray are 'friends'. Harvey is still figuring Ray out, But Juno knows he's just a big goof with a heavy head. I think it is cute that Juno is a talker.

  2. Time flies! It seems like just yesterday when both cats ran from Ray! Now Juno actually lets herself be used as a pillow, at least for a moment!