Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day….

….from Ray and all of his friends. 

I don't know about you, dude, but I feel pretty silly.
And my butt is cold.

(Ray and Ike)
These are my girlfriends Maddy (left) and Kappy (center)
Please don't let that dog pee on me.
Wha?????????? A HEART? WHOSE HEART?
This heart has a little too much fiber for my taste.
I like my hearts with a little more blood.
Hey Ray, what's with the necklaces? 
(Chester and Ray)
Happy Valentine's Day! Do I look sexy? I feel sexy. Wanna play?
Let's go outside. Do you have any treats? Where's my brother?
Thanks for coming over.  Do you have any treats?
Wanna chase a squirrel? Let's play. Do you have any treats...
Hi! I'm Blind Archie. Happy Valentine's Day!
What do you mean I'm looking in the wrong direction?
This is my favorite room. It smells like little girl
and it's full of dog toys. Can I move in?
(Ray and Ellie)
These are my favorite next door neighbors. Hey, wait, where's Phoebe?
Hey Phoebe, we're going to be famous! Make sure that you smile.
(Dory and Phoebe)
Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends,
those that I've met and those that I've yet to meet.


  1. Hey Ray, happy valentines to you too, and you look pawsome xx

    1. Thanks. I do look good, don't I? Hope you got lots of chocolates for V Day!

    2. Sorry to have to tell you Ray, but chocolate is bad for dogs :(

  2. Happy Valentines day Ray, Juno, Harvey, Jean & Gregg. It is very nice to see Ray made the rounds today and got lots of lovi'n. Virtual hugs from our little Zoe to handsome boy Ray.

    1. Yeah, we've been a little bit housebound and goin' crazy so it was nice to go to other people's houses for a bit.
      Hi to Zoe!

  3. Good to see Chester out and about. Black cats are wonderful solar collectors on cold days but friendship is what fills our hearts with warmth.

    1. Nice to hear from le chat Noir again. And speaking such words of truth!