Monday, October 26, 2009

Peanut Butter Wars

I decided that peanut butter on toast sounded good for breakfast. I made the toast under the close supervision of Mr. Nosey. Ray has been getting pilled everyday using the jar of Crazy Richard's 100% Natural peanut butter (no sugar - just nuts) and feels a sense of ownership. He followed me to the couch where I sat down to eat and immediately put his front feet on my lap trying to pick the toast off of the plate. I "Bah-ed" and fended him off while keeping the toast from sliding onto the furniture.
Ray decided maybe a frontal assault was too obvious. He made a loop around the coffee table and came in from the side. No go. He made a loop around the other side. Still no go. He shoved his nose in my face and sniffed my breath; the smell of peanut butter was intoxicating. He licked my glasses. I shoved him off. 
Ray grabbed a box of kleenex off of the back of couch where it had been safely nestled for the last three months. He carried it two feet away and ripped it to shreds. I ignored him (ignore attention seeking behavior). (the box was nearly empty or I wouldn't have been so blase). I know a temper tantrum when I see one. 
I had one bite of toast remaining when Ray left the kleenex box and walked by me, his head down. At the last second he threw his head in my direction, flicked out his tongue, and took a long slurp across my plate. Game over.
I'd have to call this one a draw. I didn't quite get to finish my toast but Ray didn't get to have the last bite.
The kleenex box was a lost cause.


  1. That was a definite laugh out loud one, now I have to read it to Jez who wants to know what is so funny ;-)

    1. I remember that like it was yesterday. He ruined the last bite. And everyone knows that the last bite is the best.