Friday, October 23, 2009

Night of the Living Ray

I had been putting up Halloween decorations all day. Skulls, ghouls, rats, bones, and all the etcetera that make a nice creepy house.  I headed upstairs to take a shower.
I was all clean and shiny when I next descended the stairs. I hadn't even reached the bottom of the staircase when I smelled earth. Like a freshly dug grave. I felt my skin crawl and briefly wondered if Zombies had invaded while I was showering. I glanced around and didn't see anything (including Ray). I walked into the front hall so that I could see into most of the rooms at once. 
Ray was in the living room, his tail wagging madly. He had in his mouth the knob end of a rawhide bone that had been living in the ground for the last few weeks. It reeked of mouldering grave. 
I started toward him and he took off around the other side of the coffee table and headed for the hall. He knew this game well and wasn't going to give up his prize easily. I was in hot pursuit. I didn't want him to drop the muddy, stinking knob on the carpet. I stopped and tried to creep up behind him, his butt was in the air in the classic "come play with me" pose. He let me get within inches of his head and took off again around the coffee table. I headed him off at the pass and waited. He backtracked around the other side, his tail still swinging from side to side.
"I'm gonna get ya!" I cried. 
Ray headed for the back door and slipped through the screen. I slid the glass door closed behind him, pleased that I had outwitted a blind dog. I watched as Ray settled down in the grass with his chaw of hide and found myself wondering if I could get a piece of the grave-scented knob to add an olfactory touch of authenticity to the Halloween display.

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