Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ray's Trip - the Final Chapter

Resting up before the trip home
Ray woke me really early Sunday. Dad and I took him for a walk around the block. I loaded up the car and we hit the road.
The trip was long. I tried to keep myself alert by reading signs (Dunn, (NC) The Dump Truck Body Capitol of the World. I wondered if there was a hot competition for that title) and singing songs. Ray snored.
When we were about three hours from home, I called a friend of mine who lives in Richmond.
"Hey," she said.
"Hey," I replied, "If I stop by will you feed me?"
"Well, I'll take you to lunch," she said.
"Uh, I got a dog with me," I said.
"I'll go to the grocery," she answered, "I'll come up with something."
When Ray and I got to Susan's, she came out to greet us. I rolled down the car window and was saying hi when Ray stuck his head out my window, he was grinning and his tail was thumping against the seat. As usual, he was thrilled to meet someone new.
Hi! Nice to meet ya!
I think greens is my color, don't you?
While Susan prepped lunch, Ray and I took a quick walk around. She lives on a golf course and it was quiet and cool and lovely. I could tell that Ray was really enjoying his walk and was thinking about buying a piece of property next to his new friend.
When we got back, Susan had the grill set up and burgers and chicken just waiting for the fire. We went out and sat on the patio which overlooked a little lake. Ray stretched out in front of the patio door and went to sleep. He was exhausted after his long drive and didn't wake up until the food was ready. Susan gave him a bit of burger (he was acting like he hadn't been fed in weeks) and sealed their friendship forever.
Just before we left, I took Ray for another turn around the area. We met a couple walking two mini dachshunds. Ray was entranced; he likes mini anything. I tried to get him to flop so he wouldn't hurt them (they were minute) and it was a struggle.
We piled back into the car, thanked Susan for a great lunch, and were gone.
Although we both had a good time on our trip, Ray and I were happy to get home.
I'm going to miss you.

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