Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ray Sports a Beard

I took apart the fuzzy duster that Ray had been so interested in a few days previously. It was a strip of sheep's fleece about three inches wide, wrapped in a spiral around a stick. I threw him the fleece and retreated upstairs with the stick. I could hear Ray whapwhapwhaping it across his face and then I heard riiiiippppppp. I went down to see how much fun he was having.
Ray lifted his head when he heard me descend the stairs. He had a piece of fleece stuck to his chin, his lip was stuck on one or two teeth and was curled up, it looked like he had thin lips and a beard. I noted his uncanny resemblance to a famous southerner. Before I could snap a picture, the piece of fleece fell off of his face, but I realized I didn't need a photo, one already existed...
Jefferson Davis,
looking remarkably like Ray with a piece of fleece stuck to his chin.

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