Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was putting up Halloween decorations. Ray was inside sleeping on his favorite chair (Gregg's). I ran an extension cord from the scary lights through the screen on the open window and took a quick look inside. Huh. Ray wasn't on the chair any more. My Raydar went off.
I went inside and glanced around the living room and family room. No Ray. I don't know how I missed the fact that the gate to the upstairs was open. I sprinted up the stairs to the cat's room. That door was also open.
I ran to the room and in a quick take I saw the following scenario:
  • Ray's head in a four pound bag of cat food
  • Four empty cat food bowls (two for dry food and two for wet food), that had been recently filled for the cat's dinner
  • A second four pound bag of cat food still intact (thank God!)
I dragged Ray out of the now-empty bag of prescription (read "expensive") cat food and locked him out of the room. There were still some bits of food scattered around the floor so I scooped it up and deposited it in the 1/4 cup measure that I use to dispense Hugo's food. There was only enough to fill the measure about half way. Ray had eaten at least a pound of cat food, not to mention the food that was in the bowls.
I grabbed my car keys and headed to the vet to get a replacement bag. I told the staff working the counter what had happened and asked what to expect.
"Well, the worst that could happen is his stomach will be really bloated and hard and you need to call the Dr. right away," said one of the girls.
I had just watched Marley and Me a couple days previously. Marley had almost died from the same thing.
"But most likely he'll get diarrhea," the other girl said.
I grabbed my bag food and raced back home to see if my dog was dead. Ray was in great spirits and tried to convince me that he was still hungry. I wasn't buying it.
The question remains: How did Ray know that the gate to the upstairs was open? HE'S BLIND.


  1. Glad to hear of Ray's adventures. Last evening we went out to have a quiet dinner - while we were out - our Dog, Rascal, got the ink cartridges sitting on the printer (in my husband's den - and I thought put away) last evening - chewed the dark blue one up -- had ink on his bed and some on our off-white carpet. We have gotten it out -- carpet now only has a blue "tinge" in a small space. His bed is amazingly clean as all the ink came out when washed. Rascal is true to his name - but we love him dearly - his place is secure in our household. -- Virginia in Columbia

  2. Hey Virginia,
    Glad to hear the ink came out of the carpet (mostly). It never ceases to amaze me the things they can get into.