Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bess, Beverly, and Blanche

Remember Bess and Beverly, the vision-impaired Cocker Spaniels adopted by a co-worker of my sister, Kathy? (If not click on the link to see the posting). Well, Cheryl, who adopted Bess and Beverly, was contacted by the rescue society when Blanche, a sibling of Bess and Beverly needed a foster home while her owner recovers from a medical problem.
For those of you who have been wondering about Bess and Beverly (I know I'm always asking my sister about them), here's an update from Cheryl about the dogs.

Bess, Beverly and Blanche are sisters that were rescued from a puppy-mill in Kansas in Oct 2009. Blanche was adopted soon after because she had no health issues at the time. My husband and I adopted Bess and Beverly in April 2010. Since they both have health issues; cataracts for both, glaucoma and blindness in one eye for Bess, and occasional seizures for Beverly, they were harder to adopt. We got them and have loved every day with them!

A couple of weeks ago the rescue contacted to us regarding Blanche. Her owner had suffered a stroke and the rescue had agreed to foster Blanche. They were having a hard time finding someone to foster Blanche because she now has health issues – cataracts, partial blindness and an occasional seizures. No problem for us! We have had Blanche now for a week and have come to love her as much as our other two. More than likely we will end up being her forever home also!

The reason they are posted here; their adoption was inspired by Ray the Blind Dog.
Cheryl is my hero.

Bess, Blanche, and Beverly

The Visual Definition of the Word "Dogpile"



  1. oh they are very photogenic, and what great people to take on three special needs pooches

  2. Doesn't it restore your faith in humanity to hear a story like this.

    When I think about having three of Ray, it makes me want to go lie down for awhile.

  3. "special needs" is just a different way of saying Unique from the others. We all have needs, some are just a little more unique than most others. It doesn't mean less to love, just different ways to care for. YEAH Cheryl for seeing the beauty in these unique and beautiful little dogs.

  4. As an update - we have now offically adopted Blanche. We did have a scare with her last week. She had a grand mal seizure, which required us to take her to the hospital. After staying over-night, she was released with having epilepsy, as there were no other underlying causes. She is now on anti-seizure medication and doing better. Thank you for all the kind words. - Cheryl