Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Feel like Lamb for Dinner

I have to say, that I have always been appalled at people who dress their dogs (and cats) in humiliating costumes. So it really pains me to admit that I have become such a person. I can't help myself. The minute the air starts to get a little cooler, my thoughts turn to Halloween and what I can do to my wonderfully-passive, 4-legged mannequin, Ray.
He is such a good dog. He will stand stock still while I fit and pin and mark whatever fabric I'm using to make him into whatever alter ego I have chosen for the year, and will goodnaturedly wear it to the neighbors to show off.
But this year, even I have to admit that maybe I went a little too far. Turning Ray into a...
Well, see for yourself.


  1. You said that this year Ray wasn't going to have to wear a hat for Halloween, and I guess that technically, lamb ears aren't a hat. Very creative, but the look on Ray's face clearly says, "My mother is so baaaaaaaaaaad!"

  2. Really? Because I think I see a sly smile on his face. I think he's imagining himself a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  3. Yeah, probably. He is a good boy to his mom.