Friday, November 11, 2011

Where O where has my little lamb gone...

Yesterday while I was out and about, I bought Ray a new bag of rawhide. I buy them by the mixed 10 pack; flips, rolls, small knotted bones, a pretzel, and a doughnut. Ray doesn't chew them anymore, but they are one of his favorite toys because he likes to bury them.
I knew it was time to get a new bag when I saw him headed outside with his Lamby. He had a certain focused look on his face, the one he gets when he's going to bury a bone and I had an inkling that, since we were out of rawhides, Lamby was in for it. Sure enough, Ray found a nice place to park Lamby for all eternity and came back inside with the tale-tale spot of dirt on his nose.
He got me up in the middle of night to check on Lamby, she was still in her cosy resting place, but the next morning, Lamby had been disentombed (probably the fox - I think he comes here in the middle of the night just to play with Ray's toys.) Ray picked Lamby up and shook her violently a couple of times, (like he does when he unburies a rawhide) flung all the extraneous clumps of dirt off of her, and carried her away.
So yesterday, I bought a new bag of rawhide. I opened it up when I got home and gave Ray a flip (a flat chip). He immediately started a game of keepaway around the coffee table, but it wasn't long before he headed outside to bury his new prize. Unfortunately for Ray, it was raining, cold, windy, and getting dark out so it was only a matter of moments before Ray was back inside the nice cozy house and enthusiastically digging a hole for his rawhide in the couch. He gently placed the flip behind the cushions, nosed the throw over the hidey hole, then went to sleep on top of it.
Problem solved. Nothing was going to going to get to this one.


  1. RAY!! You BURIED Lamby!? Oh, the poor girl. You really should show a bit more respect. She may not let you dress up like her next Halloween if you keep leaving her for the foxes.