Monday, November 7, 2011

Can Cats Read?

The answer to this question will solve a little mystery.
The other day I was working in the cat room where I keep a trunk of fabric. I opened the trunk, removed the top tray which holds a pillow, some large fabric pieces, and a pattern that I made and upon which I had neatly printed "DOG COAT." I left the tray on the floor and rummaged through the trunk, leaving bits and pieces of fabric scattered throughout the room.
The cat room remained like this for several days. When I returned to finally finish the project, I noticed that the "DOG COAT" pattern had been peed on. Nothing else had been thus defiled. Not the stacks of fabric, not the pillow, not the fluffy piles of fabric scraps scattered about, just this one thing.
SO, since Ray does not have access to the cat room, and Gregg tends to use the bathroom when he pees, this leaves only two viable suspects in the case. Hugo, who hates dogs with a white-hot passion, and Moonie, who has gotten a bit loopy in her old age.
IF the answer to the title question is "No, of course cats can't read," then I have to consider Moonie as the main suspect in this case.
IF the answer to the title question is "Yes, of COURSE cats can read," (which I have always suspected) then I have to look at Hugo as perpetrator of the abominable act. I'll even go so far as to say he was probably smiling while he did it.

(Be sure to look again at the "Relaxed Dog" posting. I added a photo sent to me by Ray's foster mom, Amber, of her own pillow hog - I mean, pillow dog. If anyone else sends a photo of their pillow pet, I'll be glad to add them to the posting. j)

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  1. Oh yes! Cats can read and they can smile too....haven't you ever seen the Cheshire cat! (I bet Hugo had that kind of smile on his face)