Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Choose One: A, B, or C

Every single day my dog does things that;
A. Make me laugh
B. Drive me to distraction
C. Move me
I find it a conundrum that he can do each one of these things every single day.
Usually, in the 'make me laugh' category, Ray will do something funny with his toys. It can be as simple as picking one up in his mouth and giving me a look of expectancy. An "I know you want to play with this but you can't have it" look. This usually results in a game of keepaway.
The 'drive me to distraction' category usually involves incessant whining (for no apparent reason) or my shoes, or Gregg's shoes, or nicknacks, or paper, or anything else that Ray can fit in his mouth.
The 'move me' category is a bit trickier and more unpredictable. I find myself unexpectedly moved at simple things. Like the other day, when I had just come home from running errands and was squating in the front hall petting Ray. My back was against the wall. Ray's head was down and pressed into my chest. I couldn't move. I laid my face on the back of his neck and he pressed against me harder. It was funny and moving at the same time. A two-fer. It's things like this that make the 'drive me to distraction' category insignificant. Until, of course, he starts whining or eating my shoes, or Gregg's shoes, or nicknacks, or paper, or anything else he can fit in his mouth.


  1. Those are the very reasons we "allow" them to live with us. Hugs to all of our companions.

  2. In the "drive me to distraction" category - yesterday I stopped by the Gourmet Shop after work and picked up french bread and my favorite pate for dinner. When I got home I fed the dogs, then cut a few slices of bread and unwrapped the pate. Then the doorbell rang. When I returned a few minutes later, the pate and the bread had magically disappeared. Hungry ghosts with great culinary taste? I think not...

  3. Oh my GoD!
    I know the feeling. Although, truthfully, Ray hasn't done anything like that lately. (Only because we don't leave anything 'interesting' on the counter anymore.)