Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It was interesting on Halloween how many kids and parents knew Ray. One little boy standing on the stoop very seriously said to another, "Ray is my best friend." I have no idea who they were since they were in costume, but Ray knew. He got up off of his chair to come greet them. I also heard one of the parents standing out on the sidewalk yell to her kids, "Hey, Ray lives here!"
One of my "neighbors" (who lives down the street and around the corner) was following her two kids around and brought her baby boy up to see Ray. "I just had to bring him to see Ray," she told me, grinning, the placid little guy balanced on her knee as she crouched outside the door. Ray strenuously tried to climb through the opening and managed to get in a few licks (we removed the glass in the storm door to make it easier to hand out candy) before they continued on. My neighbor will sometimes let Ray lick the baby's feet or hands when we see them on our walks around the block, and as I've mentioned before, Ray remembers things like this. He LOVES baby boys and, in particular, this baby boy.
So, despite the costume that Ray had to wear for 10 minutes, he had a very good Halloween. He got to see his best friend and lick his favorite baby. A very good day indeed.