Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friendship-Building 101

Another day, another attempt to win over the cats.
Ray followed me into the cat room. His tail started to wag the minute he realized that Moonie was on the edge of the bed. He gave her a friendly little shove with his snout. Moonie retreated with a look of outrage on her face but didn't panic (too much) because, as usual, Ray had moved on to the cat food.
So, since Ray has decided that Moonie is now his good friend, he is focusing all his efforts on Hugo. Every time Hugo comes downstairs, Ray feels obligated to get up from wherever he is soundly sleeping and rush frantically to meet the black cat. Strangely enough, this tactic is not working. Even stranger still, it seems to be having the opposite effect.


  1. Dear Hugo, I know you may not like this suggestion but...Why not let the big goofy dog get a good long sniff and maybe one good long sticky dog slobbery lickey/tasty of you and have it be over with?? Then maybe you will have filled Rays' curiosity and he will move on to just the cat food, as he does when he sees Moonie. Just a suggestion.

  2. Dear Hugo
    My dog Roxy I think is the same size as you. I know she also would run if some "thing" that much larger came after her. Ray is a gentle giant though. Happy Turkey Day to you and your family, including Ray.

  3. Are you sure Hugo isn't playing with Ray? My cat plays hide and seek with my blind dog. She'll meow to let him know where she is, then she'll run to another part of the room to watch him try and sneak up on her - it's hilarious to watch the big Pyr sneak around in stealth mode.

    Liam's Mom

  4. Yeah, I'm sure Hugo isn't playing with Ray. Hugo is a true scaredy cat. He's afraid of everyone and everything except me and (sometimes) Gregg. He's been that way ever since he was a kitten. And he HATES Ray.
    That's is a really funny story about Liam and his cat. Would love to see that!