Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Uh oh

Last night I forgot to close the dog door. At 5:20 this morning something roused me from my sleep. I didn't at first know what it was. When I realized what it was, I jumped out of bed, scrambled into some clothes and shoes and ran for the stairs. I fumbled for the flashlight, shot open the deadbolt on the door, and raced outside just as my trumpeter-of-the-dawn was heading back to the house. I had a brief moment of panic when I saw him turn in my direction and his ears and tail go up. I thought he was going to announce my presence to the neighborhood as well but he just trotted on over with a triumphant little jig in his step as if he knew he'd pulled a fast one. I grabbed his collar and we finished the jog together.
At the last second, Ray reached down and, without breaking stride, snatched from the ground a sheep toy that he had abandoned outside the day before. (I found myself wondering for the millionth and a half time; HOW does he know it's there?) He dropped the sheep on the kitchen floor and headed back to bed.
Hmmm, this looks vaguely familiar

Oh, yeah

So to all of my neighbors who awoke to the sound of a hound baying in the dark, I apologize. I will try to do better in the future and remember to close the dog door before I retire at night. But if it happens again and you feel the need for a little retribution, just come knock on my door in the middle of the night. I'll understand.


  1. Ray's yelling doesn't bother this neighbor. I do have to say for awhile he sounded very upset. I now know he was calling of his little lost lamb.

  2. how does Conor know I have put a freshly collected egg in a container and placed it on a chair while I do poop scoop patrol, I hear a noise to see him with his face in the container licking the egg.....they have supersonic senses is all I can say

  3. The pics and captions are hilarious - you're too much...

  4. To all commenters, thank you for commenting. It's what keeps me going on this blog.

  5. gotta say....Ray looks a little sheepish in his costume. heeheeheehee