Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did Someone Call an Electrician?

Yesterday, Ray was good. I was trying to get the kitchen painted before today when the countertop gets installed. I painted and Ray slept on the chair outside the kitchen door. Carlos and Al arrived and were doing electrical things. Ray was extremely happy to see Carlos (as usual) but still, he was as good as an extremely happy hound can be. While the guys worked in the kitchen, I went upstairs to work on the computer, Ray followed me up and laid down on the landing for a snooze. He was good.
At the end of the day, I went into the kitchen to talk to Carlos and Al about the remaining tasks. Carlos had a bunch of stuff spread around the floor, light switches, electrical tape, a big pile of screws and other hardware, screwdrivers, small boxes with unidentified things in them. While I listened to Al explain things, Ray picked up a role of electrical tape and took it to his office (the front hall), dropped it there, then came back to the kitchen. He picked up a box with a lightswitch in it, took it to his office, dropped it and came back. He picked up a screwdriver, walked to his office, dropped it and returned once more. Carlos and Al were watching with big smiles on their faces. They hadn't seen Ray in action before. Every time Ray came into the kitchen Carlos would say "Careful, Rrrrray!" and guide him around the pile of hardware. But no one stopped him from taking things. When we were finished talking, the things that Ray had lifted were scattered all over. Al gathered them up. He was shaking his head, still a big smile on his face.


  1. I wish you, Ray, your family, Carlos and Al a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for all the smiles you have put on my face while sharing your dog stories with me. What a character Ray is. I'm glad his uniqueness is appreciated.

  2. Thanks Anne!
    Back at ya! Have a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you get to eat lots of good food and enjoy the day.
    Thanks for reading about Ray.