Saturday, November 20, 2010

Email from Murphy's Mom

So Murphy and I were strolling along, when suddenly she pulled me over and dragged my lifeless body to your front door. We knocked and all I saw was Ray's sad face staring back at me. " Sorry Murphy, nobody is here!" I told her. Murphy whined. She pulled me over to the the gate. "Murphy you will just have to play by yourself back there!" I said. A lightbulb went off over my head, "There's a dog door!!!"
Being clever, I let Murphy into the backyard. I walked over to the dog door and hollered at Ray. Murphy slipped right through my legs and into the house..."Craaaaap!" Realizing that I didn't have my phone or your house keys, I started to dance in front of the sliding doors to convince them that it was more fun outside. Finally, they stopped playing and stared at me. I ran over to the dog door and shouted to Murphy. " Come hereeeeee Murphy!!!!" She ran right out the door. Ray's head stopped dead in front of it. I called, "Come on Ray! You can do it!"
I pulled back the plastic; Ray ran out.
After about 20 minutes, I said, "We gotta go Murph before we get caught!" I put her on her leash and I called Ray over to get him through the door. He stopped inches from where I could reach him. It's like he knew I was going to grab him and push him inside. He looked at me like " I'm not done with her yet!!!" and then ran away. " Okay, fine!" I said. I let Murphy back off the leash ..... They continued to pay for about 15 minutes. Then Murphy came over and I said " Okay, let's go."
We walked over to the gate and I put her collar on. Ray of course, thinking we were leaving, ran over to me and I grabbed him! We walked over to the door, which he told me he'd rather die than go through, and with two hands on his butt, I pusssshhheeeddd him through the door. Quickly we ran to the front door and knocked so Ray wouldn't run back into the yard.... Whew! The perfect escape.

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