Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rrrray the Blind Dog

Yesterday, Rachel and Josh bought a bone for Ray when they picked the dogs up at daycare. They left it with me when they dropped him off home. It was late in the day and Javier and Carlos were just finishing up. The dogs were wrestling around the front hall.
After everyone left, I fed Ray and the cats but decided to give Ray the bone later. He was ready for bed anyway, and if it turned out that it didn't agree with him, I didn't want to get up in the middle of the night to let him out.
So today when I got home from work after picking up the dogs, even though the crew was still here working, I gave Ray his bone. I left him in the house because there was still construction material on the patio and went to join Javier and Carlos outside. The kitchen cabinets had arrived and the guys were moving them into the garage for the night. One big box remained but there was no room for it with the others so I started to shift things around on the front porch. All of sudden, there was a yell from Carlos. "Rrrray!" he said, (roll your 'R' when you read that in you head) and pointed to my clever dog who had managed to escape from the house by maneuvering through the minefield that was the garage, and was prancing gaily through the front yard, bone held high. He was headed for the backyard, smiling broadly around his prize.
I chased him down, grabbed his collar, led him through the gate past the equipment on the patio, and turned him lose. Rrrray took off to look for the perfect place to bury his treasure and the guys finished clearing things up. We were all one day closer to finishing up the (large undisclosed amount of money) dog door project.

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