Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Milestone? Or Sarcasm?

The other day when Rachel and Josh delivered Ray to my front door, he jumped up to greet me, tail wagging (then he did the same thing to Carlos which kind of ruined the affect, but still...). This may not sound like much to people with dogs, but it was a big deal to me because Ray NEVER greets me this way.
I had just been jokingly complaining to the staff at Just Fur Pets that it's kind of embarrassing, the way Ray greets me when I go to pick him up at daycare. He briefly acknowledges my presence, then goes shopping. This is in direct contrast to any other dog that is being picked up by its owner. Usually there is a frantic, emotional scene of unconditional love when dog and owner are reunited after an entire day of separation. It's extremely touching. With Ray it's more of a "Hey, howya doin'. Say, WHAT'S THIS? A BONE? WHAT'S THIS? DOG FOOD? WHAT'S THIS? ANOTHER BONE? WOW, THERE'S STUFF EVERYWHERE!!!!!!" kind of thing
So, the day after I had complained to the staff, Ray came home from 'school' and actually seemed happy to see me. I was thrilled, (even if it was only for the benefit of Carlos).
But then, the next morning when I went out to collect the paper from the bottom of the driveway and re-entered the house, Ray greeted me at the door. He turned an enthusiastic circle, tail wagging. Now, I have the sneaking suspicion that it was all just doggy sarcasm.

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