Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From Gregg

Thanksgiving was good.
We had spent most of the previous evening in the dark while Al and Carlos worked on replacing the electrical panel. I was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper by flashlight. Gregg and Ray were both snoozing when Sandra, our good neighbor from across the street, knocked on our door. She had a large spool in her hands, around which was wrapped enough heavy duty extension cord to reach from her house to our house. We plugged a lamp into the extension cord and spent the next hour sitting in the soft glow of our one lamp while the crew worked to restore to us the miracle of heat and Monk reruns. Sandra invited us to join her and Dick for pizza. We gratefully accepted.
For Thanksgiving Gregg smoked a nice piece of salmon for dinner while Ray hovered. I made crockpot potatoes and kept a wary eye on the dog in the back yard to make sure he didn't burn his nose on the smoker. Ray has a definite penchant for salmon. It is one of the few meals we make that he won't sleep through. His nose has to be right there until he gets some. But, as soon as I put some in his food bowl, he's good. He eats his salmon, tries to cadge a little bit more, and when that doesn't work (or sometimes when it does), he goes to bed. He is such a good dog. And I am thankful.
Is it ready yet?
Please drop some.Please drop some.Please drop some.Please drop some.Please drop some.
Can I have some PLEEEEEEEZE. I promise I'll never eat your shoe again.
Mmmmm, Dessert.

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