Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, Rachel and Josh, Murphy's mom and dad are going to be in Vegas for a convention through Tuesday. Murphy is going to stay with Rachel's sister on Friday and Saturday then come to stay with us on Sunday and Monday (and part of Tuesday). So today, before they left, Josh and Rachel dropped off Murphy's bed and breakfast.
I put Murphy's bed on the floor next to Ray's and Ray immediately went over to check it out. There was probably enough Murphy-hair in the bed to build another dog but Ray was more interested in redecorating. He sniffed for awhile then picked the bed up in his mouth and flapped it a bit (not a small feat - it is shaped like a couch and is rather dense), then got in and dug around a bit (was he looking for his friend in the couch cushion? Not too sure what he was doing), then got out and pushed it a bit with his nose, and finally, satisfied with his re-model, Ray wandered away.
I looked at the final placement of the beds. The few inches that had separated them was now gone. They were plastered against each other. Ray was ready for his sleepover.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the sleepover...

  2. Hey! I just want to say, I'm considering adopting a blind dog, and I have found your blog very helpful. It's comforting to know that there is this resource here should I ever need it, not to mention, it's a pleasure to read!

  3. Ray has so much personality and I am so glad that you can appreciate it and then share it with us. I love your dog.

  4. IF you're thinking of adopting a blind dog, make sure you check out the Rolling Dog Ranch blog, website, and videos on youtube. Their blog is a lot of fun to read and the work they do at the ranch truly inspirational.

  5. Just to say to Anonymous we too have a blind dog (greyhound)- he lost his sight through a genetic condition but copes amazingly well, he is an ex racing dog and never lived in a house up to 10 months ago but he has adapted to everything and enjoys his life to the full, he is probably the most mischievous of our dogs in fact but we always end up forgiving him.