Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleepover - Day 3 part 2

I fed the dogs then went to the laundry room to prepare food dishes for the cats. I heard something behind me and looked over my shoulder to see Ray's head in the trash. He extracted a red, plastic cup (one of the large ones that we've been using while we are under construction) and tiptoed from the room headed for the front hallway and his friend Murphy. I know that he thinks because he can't see me that I can't see him. Sometimes I have to dissuade him of this, like when he makes a beeline for the catfood dishes. This time I let him go. How much damage can you do with one empty cup?
By the time I fed the cats and got back downstairs, Ray and Murphy had shredded half the cup and were working on the other half. It made a nice crinkly noise as they tore into it and the dogs were having a blast. Thin red strips of plastic were flying everywhere. I sat down on the couch to enjoy the show.
The minute I sat down, Murphy came over to visit; obliviously, Ray continued to shred his piece of the cup. Murphy's mouth was open and she was panting. I had a moment of panic when I saw red in the area of her mouth. I thought maybe she had cut herself on the plastic of the cup but something was odd. Something was protruding from her mouth. She grinned at me and as she breathed out the thing made a fffpt sound. A long, thin, red piece of cup had been pierced by one of her lower canines and was stuck on the tooth. The plastic strip was sticking out of her mouth about 3 inches giving her a doggy-serpentine look. The snake effect was reinforced with her panting. Every time she breathed out, the piece of plastic made the weird fffpt sound. I started laughing. Murph was smiling at me totally unconscious about the thing on her tooth.
When she stopped panting and closed her mouth, Murphy noticed something in her mouth that wasn't supposed to be there. She started smacking her lips together and flapping her head, trying to get a hold of the thing. The piece of cup came loose and fluttered to the ground. Murphy rejoined her friend to finish off the rest of the cup but there was nothing left but tiny little cup particles. It looked like I'd had a parade in my front hall and someone had thrown red confetti. The dogs moved on to their next project, extracting the squeaker from the fleece lamb. There had been two, but only one remained. By the time they were done, nothing remained but a strip of fabric that resembled a sheep about as much as a strip of fabric can (it was fuzzy).
As usual, Ray was the first to bed. Murphy sacked out until it was time to head home. Rachel and Josh were due back about 10:00 so Gregg clipped a leash onto the good girl at 9:30 to walk her to Marva's. As they were leaving the house, I heard Gregg say to the dog, "Murphy, you're a good guest."
I'm pretty sure the dogs had a good time but I know that I had a blast. I love sleepovers.

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