Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eggs for Breakfast (cooked this time)

Another long week. Gregg has been picking up Ray at daycare for the last three nights while I've been working late. "Did he have fun today?" I asked Gregg when I got home last night. "Jennifer (see her picture at told me that Ray got grumpy towards the end of the day and was picking fights so they made him take a nap. But after he slept for about 20 minutes he was fine." said Gregg.

I knew Ray had been getting more and more tired as the week progressed. I let him sleep in as long as I could, but I still had to wake him up by 8:15 to get him to "school" on time (so that I could be at work by 9:30).
This morning, I made us some eggies for breakfast.
Ray was active for about an hour before he was back in bed, curled up in a tiny little ball in his chair in the living room. We've got a little more than week to go before we can slack off again. This weekend we're going to take it easy.

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