Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eggs for Breakfast

I woke at 7:00am to the thump, thump on the kitchen door. I got up, went downstairs to let Ray out, moved his bed to it's usual spot in front of the fireplace, and turned on the space heater in the family room. Another cold morning. 
I let Ray in and I fed him then went and lay down on the couch. I flipped on the TV. Ray came in and curled up on my feet. It was toasty warm. Gregg came downstairs and and we watched as someone prepared eggs benedict with chipotle hollandaise sauce. It looked good. "I think I'll have eggs for breakfast," I said as I headed to the kitchen trailed by my trusty hound. 
Gregg came into the kitchen with me, took the eggs out of fridge and said "We need eggs. We're almost out." I opened the carton to see five eggs nestled in their little cardboard cradles. Enough for breakfast. I wrote eggs on the grocery list then went back into the family room to turn off the space heater. Gregg settled down with the paper. 
I heard Ray settle down contentedly with something in the front hall. I headed back to the kitchen and looked over to see him with the carton of eggs, the bottom ripped off of two of the egg cradles, and Ray lapping at the gooey contents of two broken eggshells.  He had contained the mess nicely in the carton. The considerate dog had left me enough for breakfast.

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  1. Where's the bacon? Ray is soon to make his own menu -- his favorites. Why not write what his favorite foods are. My crazy dog waits until 8pm when he gets a big MilkBone dog biscuit. His crazy personality comes out and he has to play with the cookie before he eats it. He'll pick it up, throw it in the air, bark, bark and more bark! When he barks the crystal glasses in the china cabinet start to sing. When he finally decides he had enough - then he will sit with the dog biscuit and will look at me with those soulful dark brown eyes. I can't help but laugh at him. He is a black lab who is turning gray. In human years he is now 84 years old! I should live that long!! Signed...a dog lover.