Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Too Tired

I rolled out of bed and went to the cat room to pick up the food dishes from the night before to take them down to the sink. Ray's bed was still in the kitchen, the hound curled into a tight little ball. "Mornin,'" I said to Gregg, "What's up with Ray?" "He was too tired to get up this morning so I just left him there and tried not to disturb him," said my lovely husband. "I wasn't tiptoeing or anything, just worked around him." "Has he been out to pee?" I asked. "No. He hasn't eaten yet either." responded Gregg.
Uh Oh, I thought. I dropped the dishes in the sink and turned to check on Ray. He was gone. I glanced up to see him standing in the living room with his rawhide bone in his mouth, looking my way, his tail wagging. I laughed. Gregg stood up and started "chasing" him around the coffee table and into the hallway - the usual loop.
I walked into the living room and Ray came over to investigate my breakfast and get a rubdown, then he grabbed a magazine off of the couch cushion next to me and flung it. It landed neatly on the coffee table. A good trick by a blind dog. He buried his head in my lap and grabbed the belt of my robe and pulled, one of his favorite tug-of-war toys. I laughed again. I fed Ray and finished my breakfast. Ray curled up in Gregg's vacated chair and Hugo came to lay on his back in my lap for belly rub. It was a fun few minutes and a few minutes of relaxation before another long day at work. I got up and got ready to go (after a quick post on the blog).

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