Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well, How 'Bout That

I took Ray to the dogpark this morning and came home cold. I hit the shower to warm up and when I came out Ray was passed out on our bed. Normally, he is not allowed on the bed but I could see that he had chosen to lay in the only sunny spot in the house (besides the windowsills, which have cat perches attached to them) and I figured he was cold after his sojourn at the dogpark so I decided to let sleeping dogs lie.
Can you see the grin on his face? He thinks he's pulling a fast one.

Usually the sunny spot on the bed is Hugo's sunspot of choice and Hugo was in the bedroom pacing nervously (Hugo always paces nervously). As I started to get dressed, I watched as Hugo stretched his neck out as far as he could to see what the heck that dog was doing on his spot. The I watched, flabbergasted, as Hugo jumped up on the bed and lay down on the corner farthest from the dog. He obviously wasn't very relaxed but WOW! what a step forward.
Try taking a picture of a mostly white dog on a light background and a black cat on a dark background in the same frame. Not good results but you get the idea.

Later in the day, Ray found the mink stole that I had bought him at an estate sale weeks before and stashed away and forgotten about. He ripped it up a bit then posed briefly to show how it should be worn before dismembering it completely

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  1. Amazing to see Hugo on the same bed as Ray. Ray must have been tired not to try to "impress" Hugo.
    Maddy's mom