Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ray's Nicknames

  1. Raybone - (Jean)
  2. Raymond - (Gregg)
  3. RayRay - (Some of the daycare providers and my office mate, Melissa)
  4. Frito Head - (When he starts to smell like Fritos)
  5. Little Whiny Baby - (When he's just standing around whining)
  6. Poor Blind Dog - (When he's feeling sorry for himself)

Moonie's Nicknames

  1. Moon Pie
  2. Moonie Moon Pie
  3. Miss Pie
  4. Pie

Hugo's Nicknames

  1. Huey
  2. Baby Huey

So, how many of Ray's fans have pets with nicknames? Would you care to share them in the comments?


  1. Rascal's nicknames vary from Rascal Sambo (my husband's name is Sam), Raskie and Baby Boops - and sometimes he is Mama's Precious Boy.

  2. Louise - Geez Louise
    Shotzy- Foxy
    Carmela - Fatty Fat Cat
    Bo - Bobo, Beauvalet

  3. MaiTai (RIP)- My My
    Smokey (RIP) - Smokey Man, Mr. Smokey Man, or Mr. Human Cat
    Willow - Little Willow Girl
    Moe - Moe Moe or Moe Cat

    My sister's cat, Buzzy - Busy Buzzy or Buzzabina
    My sister's cat, Bradley (RIP) - Beebles

  4. Josey - Joey Girl, Joey Bear, Jojo Beans, Josey the Magical Dog, Old Girl

    Boo - Boo boo, Booter, Booter Booter Baby Dog, Boots

    Emma - Shnoo, Emma Shnoo, Shnooper Dog, Noodle, Noots

    Tippy - Tip, Tipper, Tipster

    Cagney (aka Ray) - Caggers, Old Man

    Tucker - Tuckeroo, Tuckster

  5. Forgot one for Moe!

    MaiTai (RIP)- My My
    Smokey (RIP) - Smokey Man, Mr. Smokey Man, or Mr. Human Cat
    Willow - Little Willow Girl
    Moe - Moe Moe, Moe Cat, or Motor

    My sister's cat, Buzzy - Busy Buzzy or Buzzabina
    My sister's cat, Bradley (RIP) - Beebles

  6. Love the nicknames. But gotta wonder where some of them come from. (Baby Boops? Shnoo?).

    Also, I have caught myself calling Ray "Old Guy." Sometimes he just seems like an old soul.

  7. halle my "girlfriend"
    or halle valle

    one of our cats is named vicent...aka "vinnie"
    but he has many names
    dart boy (cuz he darts everywhere)
    dr. vinnie voom bots

    then there is the cat...kalima
    (aka ...princess of darkness she is solid black)
    or kalima beema

  8. Forgot one for Tippy - Tipperooney

  9. KC - KC Bear, Bear-Bear, or just Bear (I think my neighbors are confused about her real name).

    Diesel (my sister's pug) - Deez, Deezy Wheezy, and his newest nickname Sir Diesel Von Shitzle (he has issues with pooping in my house when he visits).

  10. I forgot a couple also.
    Monsieur Hugo (said with very strong french accent) for Hugo
    Buddy for Ray

  11. OK, I think we are crazy with the names of the dogs we had. As children we had "Old Man" for he was a Black and Tan Coonhound. Then we had "Guy", what was my Dad thinking of? Then there was the Airedale named "Buddy", people called him "Bud-de-barf" and others too. Then Mom called her terrier mix "Beaver", but we won't go there! For myself I had "Lady" who was a golden retriever/lab, then a homeless wonderful dog who came into my life and I called her "Tramp" - and she lived up to her name for she had a litter of 5 different male dogs. My Croatian neighbors adopted the German Shepherd pup and named him "Buster", but with their accent it sounds like they are calling him "Bastard". I adopted the last dog who looks like a Black Lab, his name is "SuperDog". I call him Super, or Soup-Soup. When he goes out to relieve himself I say "Go pish-pish" and he does! My nicknames for Tramp was "Tramp-a-lina" and "Tramp Tramp". She had sex with 5 different male dogs! The Vet told me she was a virgin!
    Yeah, right!

  12. ooh I know its an old post but had to add some too,
    Conor; ( who's name we did not choose) conkers, conks (partly in remembrance of his crown jewels which were rather splendid until the vet got involved), conkiewonkie
    Twiggie; piggles, twiggie-wiggie, piglet
    Dora; Dora the explorer, Dors, Dorashmora
    Wilf; wilfyschmilfy, Mr handsome
    Phoebe; Phoeebs, Phoebeshmeebe

    1. It's never too late to post a comment. Or come up with more nicknames. Ray's latest from Gregg is Raylan, after Raylan Givens on Justified.

  13. Sadly that is totally lost in transatlantic translation....:'(

  14. Bosco the cat - Bizzie Bee, Bozzy, Biz Boy, Sweetie B
    Moby the cat - Mobester, Handsome Man, Mober
    Shamu the cat - Shamy, Shamstress, Pretty Little Girl (she weighs 12 lbs)
    ~Melinda in Texas