Monday, January 4, 2010

Ray's in the Doghouse

I was taking a shower to get ready for work. I turned off the water and opened the shower door to grab a towel when I heard a ripping sound. What the...?
I grabbed a couple of towels and didn't even take the time to dry off or wrap them around my dripping wet body. I headed out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and into the upstairs hallway.
There was Ray shredding the CRAP out of something. I looked at the mess on the landing and followed the trail down the hallway to Gregg's office.
I stooped down just inside the doorway (still dripping), wrapping one of the towels around my wet hair. There was a shoebox with the lid shredded and only one, new, tasseled loafer residing in the box. Gregg had made a special trip to an outlet mall to get shoes for his hard-to-fit feet and had dropped the box on the floor just inside his office. It must have been the bag that the shoes were in and the paper that was wrapped around the shoes that Ray was shredding. I felt a cold nose on my naked back and Ray's tongue as he started to dry me off. I suppressed a hysterical urge to giggle.
Then it hit me. Where was the other shoe? I could feel the blood draining from my face and a cold hand grip my heart. I went back to the mess made by the blind dog.
There was the tasseled loafer in the midst of the mess of ripped paper. De-tasseled.
Gregg took the news surprisingly well.
"Lesson learned," was all he said when I told him.


  1. Aww, Gregg is earning his angel's wings :)

  2. I really laughed when I read this blog. Where do we send contributions for a new tassel. Hang in there Gregg. Ray should stop destroying in about two years.

  3. Ray reminds me of the story of the very French white poodle named Frejou. His owner was taking her shower and when she got out she noticed the front door was open and her French poodle ran outside - so as she dropped her towel quickly she ran out of the house yelling "Frejou, Frejou". It sounded like she was yelling free show, free show....
    (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

  4. Always enjoy reading about Ray -- Gregg took it well about his shoes. We have also learned to roll with Rascal - he loves to chew on sandels - Rascal is finally settling down - he'll be 5 years old on January 12th - but he still likes to shred a roll of toilet paper.

    Virginia in Columbia, SC

  5. This was the funnest bunch of comments! They all made me laugh right out loud.