Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow it's Cold.

It's been really FREEZING here. Temperatures in the 20's with strong, biting winds. Ray has been cooped up in the house for two days with nothing to do. In trying to minimize his exposure, we've only gone for a couple of walks around the block. Oddly enough he's been a good dog (just as I finished typing that, I looked over and saw him with his nose in my boot, trying to chew up the innersole). I've thought of taking him to daycare so that he can get some playtime but I will be working full time for the next month and he will be there everyday. So for now, Ray will have to deal with his post-holiday doldrums and make do with just us and the cats.

Also in the "oddly enough" department, just recently Ray has decided that Hugo is faking meanness and really wants to play with him. No matter how much Hugo hisses and growls and spits, Ray's tail starts to wag, his ears deploy in Dumbo mode, and his paw, as white cane, tap, tap, taps around as he tries to find his friend. Hugo is appalled and has once again retreated to the upstairs. I try to remain optimistic that this state of events will reverse itself.

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