Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ray got me out of bed at quarter to six. He went out to pee, came in and ate breakfast, then jumped up on the couch to lay on my feet for an hour until I decided to wake up and eat breakfast too. Ray stayed in bed. It's been a long week for both of us.
Ray didn't get active again until about 9:00. I promised I'd take him for a walk as soon as I finished going through my mail. I got about half way through when Ray decided he'd had enough. He walked by and grabbed the letter that I was reading (from the ASPCA) out of my hands and walked to the other side of the coffee table where he tore into it. (Now I'll never know what happened to the poor, abused dog with two broken legs and a broken rib). I got the message.
I went into the laundry room to throw some clothes in the wash before going to change into dog-walking clothes. Ray followed me to the laundry room gate and when I didn't immediately come out again, he lost interest, turned, and left. I finished folding a pile of laundry then went back out into the living room. "Where's Ray?" I asked Gregg who was still immersed in the paper. "I don't know," he said, "I think he went upstairs." My spidey senses started tingling and I ran up the stairs. Ray was laying in the hallway chewing on something between his paws. I approached with a feeling of extreme "Oh No-ness."
"OH MY GOD." I said when I saw what he had.
"WHAT? WHAT???" yelled Gregg.
"OH MY GOD." I said again.
"WHAT??? WHAT????? WHAT????? yelled Gregg, "What does he have now?"
 I reached over and pulled a black, tasseled loafer out from between Ray's paws. Brand New. Never Been Worn. Minus One Tassel. Gregg had bought a second pair, black this time instead of brown. I stifled a seriously inappropriate urge to laugh.
"He's got your black loafer." I said.
Gregg came upstairs and took the shoe and tassel.
"I took them out of the box last night to try them on. I left them on my desk," he said.
"We need to go to the cobbler," I replied as I headed back downstairs.


  1. Well obviously Gregg did not learn his lesson the first time. When I come in to work in the morning, first thing I do is log on to Ray the Blind Dog. I have read this posting about four times since yesterday and I laugh everytime. I just don't know how a blind dog can get into so much trouble. I don't think he knows he is blind. Keep writing and we will keep laughing.

  2. Thanks for reading. I've often wondered if Ray isn't faking his blindness (or isn't nearly as blind as the Doctors think). But then he smacks hard into something or trips over a deaf cat (just to throw me off?) and I am reassured (maybe).