Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dog of Mystery

Mein hund spricht Deutsch*. Despite his excellent hearing (see yesterday's post), Ray has never been one to come when we call. I didn't realize it was because he only understands 'come' when it is spoken in German.
Gregg was the one who discovered this when Ray was, as usual, out at the back fence yelling. It was after 9 p.m. (we try to keep him from yelling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.) so Gregg went out to call the dog in.  In one of his moments of total randomness, Gregg called to Ray "Kommen sie hier, Ray. Mach schnell."**
Ray obeyed, and continues to obey, when called to in German. We can't really explain this. We don't know where Ray learned German. And as long as he continues to come when called (in German), we don't care. But it is a bit of a mystery.

*My dog speaks German.
**Come here, Ray. Quickly.


  1. Now that is random, have you tried any other languages......(I assume you knew about Gregg's dual language ability or was it a surprise to you too !?)

    1. Gregg is full of surprises, but this wasn't one of them. He used to sing songs in German that he learned at his mother's knee. (She was German). That's how we found out that one of our former cat's (RIP Ruhe) spoke German. When Gregg would sing the songs, she would meow along with him. If he was walking around the house singing, she would follow, meowing. So when she would follow meowing, I would follow too and we would have a parade.
      I'm pretty sure that Moonie speaks French. Hugo seems to be mono-lingual but maybe we haven't found his language yet.

  2. He hopes you might be saying, "Treats, Ray; come quickly" in a new way - he'll probably catch on that no food is involved soon :)

  3. My German language capability is generally limited to what I've picked up watching WWII movies, so my conversations with Ray are somewhat specialized. Maybe next time I can ask him to blow up a bridge - - Gregg.

  4. Awesome. You beat me to it Gregg, I was visualising his next video ... :o]

  5. Have you tried Spanish with Hugo? I can tell you that Roxy doesn't like Koren or Arabic ( she barks at our neighbors). It is a little embarrassing.