Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thanks, Murph

Ray slept in until 10:30 this morning. I can't remember the last time we've been able to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning, a short walk around the block, and then a day of doing whatever. And we owe it all to Murphy.
Last night, Murphy and her parents, (Josh and Rachel), came to dinner. Ray greeted them at the door growling and with hackles raised until Murphy made a noise and he figured out who it was.
They all came in, the dogs raced to the dog door (which was closed because it was raining) and stood, frantically scratching to get out. I was determined that they should play inside (I was just getting used to the return of our grass) for almost five minutes. But they were just so excited to see each other that I couldn't resist. So out they went.
They played. We chatted.
We had a convivial meal. They dissected a tennis ball under the dining room table.
We  enjoyed small-talk in the living room. They companionably dismembered a stuffed fox.
All in all a successful, fun-filled evening.
Murphy will be coming for a sleep-over in mid-May. We are looking forward to the return of Ray's old friend.


  1. hahaha Jez will love this as did I ;-)

  2. Your way with words is just brilliant Jean, LOL

    (dissected .. / dismembered ..)

    1. thanks for the compliment.
      Oh, and thanks for the Benny Hill suggestion. I think it worked well.