Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VIDEO ALERT: Ray the Blind Dog and Hannah

My niece Hannah is a remarkable child. Not because she is brilliant (even though she is). Not because she is beautiful (even though she is). But because she loves Ray and plays with him as if he were any other dog, just different. And even though Hannah teases Ray unmercifully, he loves her back and considers her as his pack.
Hannah knows that Ray's favorite game is keepaway. She steals his bones, holds them under his nose so that he knows she has them, then runs out of his reach. She taps the rawhide with her palm so that he can track her by the sound. He trots after her until he realizes that he has no hope of catching her, then stops and waits, pretending that he is finished with the game, his head down in sad dog mode.
Hannah, who doesn't want the game to end, calls and taps the bone, calls and taps the bone, getting nearer and nearer until Ray jumps out at her, trying to catch her with his front feet. Hannah squeals and runs away followed by the blind dog until he gives up. The cycle repeats.

I cannot play this video with the volumn on. Ray hears Hannah's voice and he starts yelling. He knows she is out there and is going to steal his bone.


  1. Ray, you are a gentle-man!! You were so gentle and so nice..even when Hannah dropped your bone for you to hear it land then picked it back up b4 you could get to it. Good boy. Patient, kind, friendly. Your mom and dad found a great dog when they got you!! And even tho I have seen you many times in videos....wow, you really are a long legged dog!!!

    1. Oh, good. I'm glad you got that. The reason I posted the video was to show just that. It's not the most exciting of the Ray vids but it really shows what a gentle dog he is and how much he loves kids.
      When he and Hannah started playing, Ray was more the dog in the description above. But after a couple of hours he really was tired and knew he had no chance. So he just followed her around and waited for her to take pity on him and throw him a bone (literally).
      Ray used to get excited whenever Yuko was around, too. Now it's just Hannah. He will run right by Yuko to greet his favorite cousin. Yuko is still recovering from the slight.

  2. He is one sweet dog! She can stick her little hand right into his mouthful of great big teeth and take his bone. Ray is such a good boy!!!!